Precise Survey

10 years of worldwide experience

Precise Private Enterprise offers wide range of services in marine survey. We are dedicated professionals who battle fiercely for our client's interests.

Our services at your option:

Ship’s Condition related Surveys

  • P&I
  • H&M
  • Pre—purchase
  • On / Off hire condition and bunker surveys
  • Hatch covers’ weathertightness
  • Holds/tanks cleanliness
  • Silver nitrate testing
  • Sealing/unsealing
  • Investigation of marine incidents

Cargo Condition related Surveys

  • Bulk/liquid/general cargoes
  • Quantity and / or quality inspections
  • Inspection of cargo condition at all stages of shipment
  • Sampling & analyses
  • Container inspections

Port Captain Job / Supercargo

Our staff can attend a vessel around the world. During the attendance we will arrange any kind of required surveys, investigation and assistance, which will help you to speed up the process of cargo operations and stay alert for any undesirable consequences in order to prevent it. We will keep you duly noted regarding the situation on board at any time and as a result you save/earn the funds and avoid unexpected expenses.

P&I Clubs and Insurance Associations:

  • British Marine
  • RaetsMarine Insurance B.V.
  • The London P&I Club
  • West of England P&I Club / IG member
  • The North of England P&I Club / IG member
  • American P&I Club / IG member
  • Steamship Insurance Management Ltd / IG member
  • Lodestar Marine Ltd
  • Norwegian Hull Club